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Treatments available

Manual Therapy:
Mobilisations - Involves using hand pressure to move the joint to its full range of movement. The amount of pressure used depends on swelling, inflammation and pain in the injured joint.

Manipulation - Taking the joint to its full movement using fast, hand pressure movements, usually used when the joint feels stiff and all the inflammation has settled down.

Rehabilitation: to keep you as active as possible without causing further damage to the part of your body that is suffering, and to allow you to return to your previous level of function - or beyond - once your injury has recovered. This means exercise!

Nobody attending physio-4u for treatment gets away with not doing any exercise! This takes the form of exercises that can be done at home or work without any equipment. These exercises can be progressed further by planning a new routine or to tweak one that you are already doing. All exercises are aimed to help you enhance your own recovery by maintaining and improving the progress that you gain during ‘hands on’ physiotherapy sessions.

Electrotherapy: The use of therapeutic ultrasound or interferential therapy may be used to help speed up the healing process or break down scar tissue in older injuries.

Massage: All types of massage eg sports, deep tissue or remedial, can be combined with stretching, compression, friction and trigger point response techniques. This will improve the healing process of muscle injury, pain, soreness and reduce/eliminate scar tissue in both acute and chronic injuries. Or just a relaxing massage.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture points are stimulated in specific areas of the body, using pre-sterilised disposable needles and the strictest hygiene methods. Extensive training and membership of the special interest group, Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) is required before needling can take place.There are many theories - of how acupuncture works. One view is that energy flows freely when the body is healthy. If there is a problem, energy stagnates. The stimulation of appropriate acupuncture points frees this stagnation. The modern, scientific view is that acupuncture stimulates natural pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins. These assist the body to heal itself and relieve pain. There is increasing scientific evidence to support this view.





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