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Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and Yoga classes are on offer at the Back Room Studio in Cleveleys, Blackpool by Carol Bridson - please call her on 07947 895768.

Pilates involves a series of exercises that place intense concentration on mental concentration and breathing to stengthen your body, particularly your abdominal core muscles.

Beside helping you to form a beautiful flat tummy, strong abdominal muscles will improve your balance and coordination. The result is mind and body fitness program that not only helps you create your best body ever but also helps you to feel mentally and emotionally balanced, calm and refreshed.

Suitable for beginners and those who are unable do other forms of exercise, through to the fittest athletes. Age and ability is no barrier - everyone works at their own ability.

Dru Yoga works on body, mind and spirit, improving strength and flexibility, improving core strength and a heightened feeling of positivity, which deeply relaxes and rejuvenates your whole wellbeing.